Communicating with horses

Twice a year in March and in October I organise the course “communicating with horses” at my friend Susan Harden’s farm in the South of Spain.

This course originated from the feedback I received after posting my first equine CranioSacral home video on YouTube. Often people who saw this  video asked me “how I did it”.   Meaning: how did I manage to engage the horse the way I did. A big part of it, obviously, is the effect of the cranio sacral therapy to which the horse responded by relaxing deeply. But I realised that much of what people perceived and appreciated in the video was my general manner with the horse.  Which I is not (as is often assumed) rooted in years of experience with horses, but which I believe is the result of more than 20 years of working with the Alexander Technique method on myself.

This is course is developed especially to give you the experience of applying the Alexander Technique method to the magic of connecting with horses on the ground. No previous experience with horses or Alexander Technique is required. Contact me for upcoming course dates and course information.

The next course is planned for October 2016.

Watch the video here:

Alexander Technique for riders
Would you like to organise a workshop or lecture on the subject of Alexander Technique for riders? Contact me for more information. I also give lectures and workshops on the subject of Alexander Technique for Centered Riding instructors.