When is CranioSacraal therapy treatment useful for your horse?

CranioSacral therapy can resolve or reduce the following issues you may have with your horse:

  • your horse suffers from recurring stiffness in the neck, shoulders back, pelvis or hocks
  • you suspect your horse has a headache
  • your horse has had dental trouble (this can affect his jaw muscles)
  • your horse suffers from “headshaking”
  • your horse has clogged tearducts
  • your horse has arthritis
  • your horse is right- or left bended and this seems impossible to correct with training
  • your horse is shut off or shows behavioural problems which are hard to explain otherwise
  • you own a gelding and his gelding scar feels cold and stiff (this can affect his movements)
  • your horse has to much weight on the forehand
  • your horse finds it difficult to put the hind legs under properly