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What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle treatment that facilitates deep connective tissue (fascia) release and normalizes pressure on the bones of the skull, the spine and the pelvis. It supports the healing of back pain, neck pain, whiplash and trauma to the head.

“Cranio” refers to the skull and “sacral” refers to the sacrum. That’s the bone in the middle of your pelvis at the bottom of your spine. The CranioSacral systeem includes the skull, cerebrospinal fluid, the spinal column, the cerebral meninges and the pelvis. In the brain cerebrospinal fluid is produced in a certain rhythm. A CranioSacral therapist can feel this rhythm everywhere in the body, and monitors it to be able signal blockages and help them release. This gives deep relaxation.

A CranioSacral treatment stimulates the self healing capacity of the body.

Who benefits?

You can benefit from a CranioSacral treatment if:

  • you often have headaches
  • you have dizzy spells for which there is no established medical diagnosis
  • you have recovered from a surgery or an accident but you don’t feel like your old self, even if many years have gone by
  • you have whiplash and have been treated but you still struggle with issues related to it even if it was years ago since it happened
  • you are looking for complementary medicine to treat chronic back or neck pain
  • you would like gentle relaxation and support after pregnancy and childbirth
  • you experience lasting pain and/or discomfort after dental treatment
  • you wear orthodontic braces and suffer from tension of the jaw, headaches or problems with focus and concentration
  • you are recovering from a deeply unsettling emotional experience
  • you would like to relax deeply
Connective Tissue



Tuning forks

In 2015 a colleague drew my attention to the so called “therapeutic tuning forks”. I have integrated them into my CranioSacral treatments and I use twelve different ones. Of course, I still use my hands too, they remain indispensable. I use the tuning forks to help release restricted connective tissue (fascia) in the back, in the limbs, the pelvis and the head. The soft vibration of the tuning forks is very gentle and very effective. It is pain free and does not cause discomfort. With the tuning forks it is possible to get deep connective tissue (fascia) release in less treatments.

If you prefer a CranioSacral treatment without tuning forks. This is always possible.