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Stress Release

With the use of muscle testing we can find out where you hold stress in relation to a certain event or activity in your life. For example: a hospitalization, test anxiety, an accident, a stressful divorce or a difficult situation at work. Simple stress free muscle testing helps establish how and where you hold stress and when that is done, I help you release it.

Clienten vergelijken het effect van deze behandeling vaak met EMDR, toch is deze behandeling wezenlijk anders. Omdat ik gebruik maak van spiertesten, hoef je de stress niet op te roepen of te herbeleven. The goal is to help the brain adequately process challenging events and accumulated stress so that you can release tension. The difference with EMDR is that you do not have to actively recall the stressful event or emotion. It is simple and effective.

Stress Release has become a very popular treatment in my practice through word of mouth. De method was developed by Kinesiologists (and is also known as Touch for Health). This stress release Technique was part of my Reflex Inhibition Training in 2014.

Who benefits?

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