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Elke Mastwijk (1967)

Since I was first introduced to the Alexander Technique I am fascinated by this gentle method that encourages you to be aware, mindful, free of tension and to move with ease. When we move well, we feel and perform better.


During my first years working as an Alexander Teacher I realized some people find it more difficult than others to release tension and come into balance. A serious accident, a traumatic experience or an old injury can have so much impact on your life that calming down and letting go is not an easy option. An intense period of stress due to big life events such as marriage or divorce, loss of a loved one, issues at work, or starting a family can also make it harder for you to regain balance. It can then be healing to experience the calming effect of a CranioSacral session. With CranioSacral Therapy I can help you release (fascia) connective tissue in a very gentle way. Both with my hands and with special therapeutic tuning forks.

Early 2015 I completed my one year training as a Reflex Inhibition Therapist with Margaret Mulder in The Netherlands. I trained in this field because I felt a deep need to understand how the blueprint of our nervous system is laid down in the womb and early childhood. It is unlikely that you are able to consciously recall experiences from this time of your life. But they are reflected in how you move, in your coordination skills and how you cope with stress and stimuli from your environment. It is possible to follow a Reflex Inhibition trajectory with me. We start off by testing your reflexes and if needed I will inhibit them. I inhibit these reflexes through kinesiology techniques also known as “touch for health” (or muscle testing) to achieve this.

Passionate about animals

I am passionate about animals especially dogs and horses.

Riders have been coming into my practice for more than twenty years. They enjoy Alexander Technique lessons because it helps them improve their riding skills and they find themselves more balanced in the saddle. They book CranioSacral sessions to help recover from injuries sustained during riding or training horses. These clients were the ones who encouraged me to initially treat their horses (and later their dogs). Since 2008 I treat horses with Cranio Sacral Therapy.

My own horse is a playful Friesian gelding from 2012: Jelle. He lives in a herd with sixteen horses. I started riding regularly quite late in life (at age 49) I am a recreational rider. I strive to build a genuine and relaxed connection with my horse on the ground and in the saddle and I am on a life long journey to develop my skills. My dog is a sweet long-haired chihuahua from 2008: Gwennie.


Professional Education

  • Alexander Techniek Opleiding Nederland (1993-1996) teachers: A.J. Hoorweg en J. Burger. (Three year training; 1600 hours)
  • Post Graduate Trimester at the Constructive Teaching Centre London teachers: W. en D. Carrington. (1996)
  • Upledger Doorn – docenten: S. Visser, H. Huikeshoven, T. Bottema, M. Volkering (2001 – 2005)
  • Modules: CranioSacraal Therapie I (2001), CranioSacraal Therapie II (2003), Somato Emotional Release (2004) CranioSacraal Therapie in de pediatrie (2005)
  • Equine Cranio Sacral therapy , Maureen Rogers (2008-2016)
  • Modules: ECS 1, ECS2, ECS3, cranium dissection (ECD)
  • Modules horse anatomy (dissection of the de forelegs, spine and back legs)
  • Reflex Inhibition Therapy, Margaret Mulder, (2014-2015)

I have been a member of the Dutch Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique since it was founded in 1996. I was active for this society respectively as Chair and Secretary and Chair of the Complaints Commision.